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Mach5 Development Spam Policy

We hate unsolicited corporate email, commonly known as "spam." If you are interested in sending spam, please use some other software and do not purchase Mach5 Mailer or use any of our services. We actively enforce our anti-spam policy to the point that we may initiate legal action against you if you abuse our software (especially by violating applicable SPAM laws).

We define "spam" to be any email sent to someone not expecting to receive it from you.
Here is a simple Litmus test to determine if a message is spam.

  1. Does the email include a valid non-free email address checked by a real person?
  2. If I reply to the email and ask a question, can I expect a personal reply?
  3. Does the message contain a phone number that someone actually answers during most of the day?
  4. Does the person receiving the message have some way of contacting the sender or the sender's company in order to reach a live person to assist with a problem?

If your message is a Habeas Compliant Message, we also consider it as not spam.

Additionally, if your message conforms to the MAPS Basic Mailing List Management Guidelines for Preventing Abuse, we also consider it not spam.

If the answer to any one of these questions is "yes" then we think it's probably not spam.  As most people know by now, if you were to send an email out that meets one of these criteria, you would get swamped with complaints.

We don't have any way to determine whether a mailing is "opt-in" or "opt-out" and we can't check the effectiveness of "click here to unsubscribe" tools, so we do not use the presence of them in an email message to decide if something is spam or not.  The fact is, since Mailer sends individual emails, it's not the best spam sending tool you can use.

Furthermore, Mailer includes identifying information in the header of each message so that we can, if necessary, make sure that individuals who receive mail from our software can contact our customers in some way. We of course do not divulge the addresses or contact information of our customers to anyone unless we're presented with a legal search warrant. You do need to know Mailer's header does include enough information for us to identify which of our customers sent an email, in the form of the X-Mailer header and a hex segment of the registration key we issue (it looks like this: 1afe3-48e31). If you are using Mailer legitimately, why would you care?

Use of Mach5 Mailer as a spamming tool will not be tolerated. If proof is found that a customer has used Mach5 Mailer to send spam, we will contact them and attempt to educate them politely, and if they do not agree to our terms, we will refund the order and suspend the registration for that customer.

If you believe someone has been sending spam using Mach5 Mailer, please contact us using our spam report form.

It is Mach5 Development policy that no copies of Mach5 Mailer will be knowingly sold to anyone identifying themselves as part of, or associated with, any known mass e-mail sending operations.


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