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Help Mach5 Fight Spam!  We aggressively enforce our no-spam software license terms to preserve our reputation. Here is our Spam Policy

Mach5 is the only email services provider interested in protecting the interests of its customers and of the user community by providing info in the email header to help track abuse.

If you are thinking of filtering out your messages that have our X-Mailer header, keep in mind the following:

  • We don't have to put the X-Mailer header in there at all, but we do.
  • If mailservers filter based on our X-Mailer, we'll have to remove it.
  • If we remove it, we won't be able to assist fighting spam! So please do give us a fighting chance to help.
  • All our known clients use our softare responsibly and we get very few complaints. You may block out the receipt of important updates including customer notices and information from registrars offices at schools and the like.
  • We ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVELY enforce our anti-spam policy in order to protect our reputation and ensure that our software fulfills only legitimate business purposes.

To report abuse please include your entire email message, especially the email headers, in this report. We will do our best to contact the sender and educate them, or if your instance is a blatant abuse of our software or reflects a pattern of improper use, we will disable the registration of our software. We will not release any contact information of our Mach5 Mailer customers to you, however, since that would violate our own privacy policy.

Got spam from Raven Magazine? We're currently collectiong spam from this company. Please send it to us. We have already sent a cease-and-desist letter from our lawyer and revoked their license. We are collecting emails for an FCC filing. If you are a university administrator, and want to pursue a legal case against this company for fraudulently pretending to be affiliated with your university, let us know. We want to help stop this alleged spammer.

Your email address (if you would like a reply, we will respond to this address):

Complete Email Source Including Headers (put any comments or concerns at the top).

We will use the information you provide only in the course of taking appropriate action.

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