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Mach5 Mailer Overview
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Feature Comparison for Mailer Licenses

With the release of v.4.5, Mach5 Mailer includes incredible features available in much more expensive packages! But our customers tell us no one else has an interface that is as easy to use. Which version of our HTML email software is right for you?

  • Mailer Gold has more complex features. Do you connect to enterprise level database applications, need precise control over which graphics go with your HTML email messages, connect through ODBC, or need advanced scripting capability? Do you need to insert custom headers in your email? Do you need to select what format (HTML or Plain Text) each recipient receives? Then you need Mailer Gold.
  • Mailer Regular is just as easy to use but has features great for general office use. Do you send more than 200 messages, and want to avoid the "Powered by Mach5 Mailer" byline on the end of messages? Then Regular will do.
  • Mailer Free is great for small organizations and clubs. It's not a crippled trial version. We're especially glad to have a large number of small non-profits using it. Feel free to use our Free license!

Complete Feature Breakdown

Database Connectivity Free
Regular  Gold  Trial
Directly connects to Excel Spreadsheets
Directly connects to Access Tables and Views  
Connects to Excel through ODBC  
ODBC connection to virtually any database type    
Text-based Database Editor
Editing and Sending
Sends HTML email or Plain-Text or both
Specify Text/HTML format specific to each email recipient in your database    
Simple to use with database wizards
AdvancedWrap - to preserve layout of text messages
Comprehensive error reporting - exportable log files
Multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-processor sending
Limit or Throttle Message Sending / Drip Delivery Speed
Test Message Send - send any email directly to yourself
Advanced Preview shows each message
Attach files for sending
Attachments determined by a data field
Inlined Graphic Attachments for HTML messages    
SMTP Auto-Configuration with SSL,TLS, & ESMTP support and server authentication
Configurable SMTP port to bypass ISP's blocking Port 25  
SOCKS Proxy support    
International Character Set and Date Format support
List Management Free
Regular  Gold  Trial
List duplicate deletion
List Filtering - let your data dictate who gets sent
Exclusion list - of email addresses not to send to  
Inclusion list - capability to limit who is sent to  
PopMonger 3.5 included - to check delivery failures
PopMonger 3.5 integration with exclusion list  
Scripting Language Capabilities
Conditional Text
Test Run to check scripting execution
Scriptable with JScript, VBScript, and PHP    
Able to include custom mail headers    
Headers modifiable during scripting    
Inbound Email Processing with PopMonger 3.5
Multiple IMAP, POP3, or MAPI accounts
Bounce and message failure handling
Auto-Reply and Redirect
Scriptable with PHP, VBScript, and JScript    
Inbound email field parsing and routing into database    
Confirmed and dated opt-in handling by email
Other Details Free
Regular  Gold  Trial
Full Support for Microsoft Windows Vista
Spam Policy URL omitted from hidden email headers      
200-email per session limit eliminated    





Free Licenses Register     Download
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5-Pack - Gold Only     Buy
Enterprise-Wide License - Gold only     Buy

Mailer 4.5 Gold is the ultimate enterprise-level mail solution! If you would like to see example source code and precise information about the scripting capabilities of Mailer 4.5 Gold, take a look at our documentation of advanced scripting.

If you have any questions about what our HTML email software can do, please just let us know.

Like all Mach5 products, Mach5 Mailer comes with lifetime customer support.


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