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We're working to make Mach5 Mailer (enterprise version) available again to those who need it, free to download and use, at no cost.

Availability before Nov, 2021

Easy yet powerful e-mail marketing and email blast software

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Need to send a personalized e-mail to your clients? Mach5 Mailer makes it so easy! With features like integrated subscription management, ability to keep your own data secure, HTML and plain-text sending.... M5 Mailer lets you send customized mass email messages. You value your customers and want to give them that personal touch, so never send another "Dear Valued Customer" letter again.
Some Mach5 Mailer highlights:
Not just for Microsoft Excel and Access, but connect to any data source:
Connect to any ODBC data source (i.e. MS Access, Oracle, Excel). Seamlessly access Subscriber, our web-based list management tool.
Integrated M5Script, but also use PHP, Javascript, and VBScript:
Mailer allows basic users to perform tasks like variable substitution (i.e. Dear <CustomerName>), while exposing the power of a user-definable scripting language to more advanced users.
List maintenance and management, including automated "bounce" address removal.

Mach5 Mailer helps both large and small organizations to communicate with their customers. Mailer's interface makes it easy for non-technical users to send out colorful, personalized newsletters, and powerful enough for large Fortune 500 companies to craft customized e-mail campaigns and capture new business.

Using a hosted email solution too? Mailer can save tons of per-mailing fees for some mailings, even if you continue to use that service.

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You've probably heard the phrase "half my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." Good advertising is backed by comprehensive data analysis and quantitative metrics. FastStats Log Analyzer is a powerful, quick, and inexpensive web server log file analysis tool that can help you make your web site a more effective sales tool.
FastStats Log Analyzer enables you to:
Determine whether your CPC advertising is profitable:
Are you spending $0.75 per click on Google or Overture, but only receiving $0.56 per click in revenue?
Tune site traffic patterns:
FastStats's Hyperlink Tree View feature lets you visually see how traffic flows through your web site.
(See an online demo of the hyperlink tree view)
High-performance solution for even the busiest web sites:
Our software has been clocked at over 1000 MB/min. Other popular log file analysis tools (we won't name names), run at 1/40th the speed.
We've been in the business for over 9 years, delivering value, quality, and good customer service to our clients. Our products are used for data mining at some of the world's busiest web sites -- why not give FastStats a try at your web site? FastStats log file analysis supports a wide variety of web server log files, including Apache logs and Microsoft IIS logs. And even if you use a hosted stats service, sometimes a quick look at log file data can give you a new perspective.
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