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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis

FastStats Analyzer - quick web stats from your log files

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With reports on over two dozen topics, unparalleled speed and a rich feature set, the standard version of Mach5 Analyzer is powerful enough for most web analytics jobs. However, we know that many webmasters and managers, under pressure to get the most from their websites, need more. For those customers, we have created Mach5 Analyzer Gold.

And for those on a tight budget or just starting out, we hope our Free license will be a truly useful website statistics solution.

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Starts with a great set of features, but is limited to 5000 lines of analysis.

Easy to use capabilities make a rich set of features:Mach5 Analyzer Gold - the fastest web analytics tool on the market.

  • Custom report styles and report set definitions
  • Automatic transfer of log files
  • Smart DNS to resolve visitor domain names
  • Advanced filtering to drill down on your site data
  • Support for Visitor or Session tracking with cookies
  • Copy report tables to the Windows Clipboard for pasting into spreadsheets

A good, solid set of reports:

  • General Statistics, including hits and bandwidth transfer statistics
  • Visitor Information, including domain name reporting, web browsers, OS, Search Spiders, (without Geographical Location)
  • Access Statistics, including page types hits and bandwidth, most and least popular resources, hit and bandwidth time analysis
  • Referrer Information, including request type, referring domain, referring pages, and search engine referral analysis with keyword and phrase breakdown
  • Technical Information, including page errors

And finally, our Gold license adds capabilities for enterprise users, consultants, and IT departments:

  • Scenario Analysis performs multi-stage A-B split tests to measure effectiveness of site changes, provides stage-to-stage visitor progress metrics, and allows CPC profitability analysis to maximize your Adwords or Overture ROI.
  • Site Stickiness reports include entry and exit page statistics, stay length analysis, and session length analysis, as well as new vs. returning user statistics
  • HyperLink TreeView™ gives you a view of aggregated traffic flow across your site.
  • Geographical Information breaks down visitors precisely by country using an automatically updated database
  • Report printing and print preview capability enable you to share web analytics reports with other people
  • Silent Report generation runs from the command line
  • Auto report export to HTML, and Save to HTML functionality

Analyzer Gold produces sophisticated HTML reports from Analyzer data. These reports are perfect for publishing on the web, and printing them is a great option when you need to present website statistics to a boss, co-worker, or clients. The reports present data in text and graphically and include tips for users of all technical skill levels. (Preview a sample report.)

The revolutionary HyperLink TreeView gives you a clear picture of the actual traffic through your entire website. Much more effective than click paths which don't show user behavior in its entirety from each individual page, the HyperLink TreeView breaks down traversals by percentage for every page viewed in your site.

Site Stickiness reports are essential if you need to get hard numbers on the effectiveness of your site design to meet certain goals. You need to know how long visitors are staying on your site in different sections.

Analyzer Free vs. Gold - Summary Table

Feature Free Gold
Speed? really fast! really fast!
Customizable? yes yes
Unlimited Analysis? 5,000 lines about 1.7gb per file
Report Printing no yes
Geographical Breakdown no yes
HyperLink TreeView no yes
Site Stickiness Reports
measure effectiveness
no yes
Scenarios and Tags no yes
Silent Report Generation
from the command line
no yes
Report Export in HTML no 55+ reports


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When you buy Mach5 you get FREE lifetime technical support, and our unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

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