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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis

Site "Stickiness"

FastStats Scenario Analysis Overview. This report provides an overview of your ROI campaign and can be used to derive your conversion ratio -- the percentage of visitors who eventually purchase the product.

A good web site keeps visitors engaged and interested. A good web site gets bookmarked, and visitors return to it again and again. FastStats has over a dozen reports dedicated to measuring the "stickiness" of your web site.

These "stickiness" reports help you answer the following questions:

  • New vs. Returning visitors. What percentage of all visits to your web site today were from new users? What percentage was from returning users?
  • Session length. How long is the average session?
  • Session length by referring domain. Which referring domains direct the most qualified visitors to your web site -- i.e. visitors who spend a substantial amount of time on your web site.
  • Page views per session. How many pages does your average visitor view during a given session? Has this number increased or decreased with time?

This data, used in concert with FastStats' CPC profitability statistics can help you quantify your web site's effectiveness.





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