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Mach5 Mailer Overview
Powerful Email Merge

Reach your Customers
Streamline your business

Simple yet Powerful
Type it up. Click Send.

Connected Components
Web, Database, and Email

Customized Messages
Individually Generated

Flexible Email Delivery
Fast Send. Easy Scheduling

Communicate Efficiently
Email Marketing Power

Flexible Licensing
Free, Regular, and Gold

Complete Feature List
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Our No-Spam Policy
Not the best for UCE.

Try M5 Mailer Today!
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Why Reach Your Customers with M5 Mailer?

  • Avoid Missed Opportunity. Can you afford not to use the power of personalized email in your business?
  • Repeat Visitors. A special announcement can bring people back to your business.
  • Encourage Relationship. Users appreciate being kept up-to-date in areas that interest them - and using our personalized email software is the ideal way to do this.
  • Avoid Alienation. Mailer helps you keep your communication both personal and relevant.
  • Be Professional. Custom and personalized email is less likely to be tossed away as spam.
  • Be Personal. Customers appreciate a personal reply-to contact, with a real individual behind the from address.

Can You Find an Easier to Use Solution?

  • Uses YOUR database. Maintain your database the way you are used to, using your own database software.
  • HTML Import.With features like HTML Import, you can pull the content of your mailing directly off your webserver.
  • Type and Send. Sending personalized email is as easy as writing a letter.
  • Wizards for Setup. Even Complex tasks like confirmed opt-in management and conditional mailings are easy.

Looking for Flexibility and Capability?

  • Unbundled Components. You choose your server. You control your costs
  • Low Cost Licenses. We pride ourselves on providing great software at a good price.
  • Consulting and Advanced Services Available. Your option. Mailer has the power to help you meet your needs.
  • Wizards for Setup. Even Complex tasks like confirmed opt-in management and conditional mailings are easy.

Take the Bulk Out of Your Email Marketing

Mach5 Mailer is not just a bulk mailer. It's a solution to your email business communication needs.

Click to see our personalized email software in Action!
Click the image to see a bigger screenshot of Mach5 Mailer in Action!

Mailer 4.5 Gold is the ultimate enterprise-level mail solution! Mailer 4.5 Gold is just $249.95.

If you have any questions about what our personalized email software can do, please just let us know.

Like all Mach5 products, Mach5 Mailer comes with free support via email and a satisfaction guranantee.


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