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Mach5 Mailer Overview
Powerful Email Merge

Reach your Customers
Streamline your business

Simple yet Powerful
Type it up. Click Send.

Connected Components
Web, Database, and Email

Customized Messages
Individually Generated

Flexible Email Delivery
Fast Send. Easy Scheduling

Communicate Efficiently
Email Marketing Power

Flexible Licensing
Free, Regular, and Gold

Complete Feature List
Compare Mailer Versions

Our No-Spam Policy
Not the best for UCE.

Try M5 Mailer Today!
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Other Services

Build a Community Within Your Organization

Your company - you value your customers.

Your customers - they value your services!

Are you effectively reaching out to your customers to give them the information they need and want?

You can encourage repeat visits, repeat purchases, and repeat word-of-mouth recommendations by building a relationship with your customers. They don't want to be overwhelmed with sales garbage or too many pitches. But they do want to be kept abreast of what you have to offer. How do you know? Because, after all, they are your customers!

Problem: How do you know what your customers really want?

Solution: Ask! But what good does the answer do if you can't use it effectively? Honoring the preferences and desires of your customers is key to building a great relationship with them. Rather than let all of the details become unmanageable, use the tools to help you manage all those different preferences!

You need:

  • A database (Excel, Access, MySQL, MS-SQL, FoxBase, Oracle... or just a plain old spreadsheet or text-based file.)
  • Email and preference information in that database. You have to maintain it. On the web? Via reply email? How?
  • Some great software to use that database, keep it up to date, listen to your preferences, and respond.....

Mach5 Mailer. The perfect solution for your customer communication needs.


NonProfit Discounts Available. Mailer is great for Non-Profits, Educational Institutions, Churches and Religious Groups. Contact us today, and let us help you with your organization.


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