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Mach5 Mailer Flash Preview

   - If you prefer, you may also view a GIF animation.

Handy wizards guide you through the creation of Mailer conditionals and logic, so you can do very sophisticated mailings without being a computer geek! Leave the details of the hard coding to us.

Send both HTML and plain text emails at the same time, with dynamic attachments. Or let your data decide.

Preview your mailing, send individual messages to your own mail account to see what they really look like.


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    Check out setup info and browse the Mailer manual which is built into the software.
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    We are here to help you via email. We will do our best to get back to you right away.
Affiliate Program
If you have just a few graphics to include with an html message, you can attach them to your document and reference them from within the html of your email message. It's best to keep the overall size of your message as small as possible. Mailer lets you include critical graphics as attachments and pull the rest from a web server within the same message.

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