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Free Email Templates

We're glad to provide you with assistance in sending great-looking newsletters and announcements. Feel free to click on any of the images below to view these templates in their own window. Use Mailer's HTML import feature to bring them right into Mailer for customization, or you can view source in your browser.

Choose from among the templates available below

Variable Width  
fills the message window

       Fixed Width
maintains element alignment
This basic template contains a top image with body text.


  This fixed width template has its nav area hanging on the right side


The left nav area is fixed width. The main message body hangs to the right.

Just as above, but with a border frame above and below the main body area.


Copyright and Permission to Use: All templates are © Mach5 Development, LLC. Feel free to use these templates in mailings and on websites, but they may not be published on another website as a template or in a different collection of templates. Permission to publish in books or instructional materials is also granted when accompanied with a citation to Mach5 Development, LLC.

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