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Mach5 Mailer Overview
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Web, Database, and Email

Customized Messages
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Email Marketing Power

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Other Services

Is Your Website Connected to Your Database and to Your Email System?

     Can you do that? Yes!

Integration without Mailer is hard. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When someone replies to your email, does the information go directly into your database?
  • Can people subscribe and unsubscribe easily on your website, and choose various preferences and options?
  • Do you let people unsubscribe by replying to a message, and also allow your organization to reply personally to the replies?
  • Do you ever wish you could collect information via email through a survey or poll?
  • Can your prospective clients sign up on your website to receive more information from you?

Mach5 Mailer includes three core components to address inbound, outbound, and website needs.

Outbound from your Database. Mailer drives outbound email to your recipients by directly connecting to your Microsoft Access, Excel, or other data source. Fast and Simple. But your needs may grow. Do you want a solution that can grow with you?

The Web Connection. For web integration, you can use Mach5 Subscriber, our revolutionary subscription and web-based data tool. Using subscriber, you can easily place a newsletter signup form on your website where your customers can manage email preferences, subscribe and unsubscribe, and choose from a variety of options you may wish to make available. Subscriber accounts are free for up to 5000 contacts. Mailer can connect directly to a Subscriber data source, you can upload and download data, and you can have Subscriber send email notification of changes.

Inbound to your Database. For incoming email integration, Mach5 PopMonger is a powerful tool. It reads through an inbox and matches messages to rules you program, and then takes action. It can parse data out of a survey and pump the results into a database. It can reply or forward email. It can add the sender address to a list, or execute a script to integrate the information into your database.

Consulting Services. While Mailer provides the tools, integrating them into your existing business model may be difficult. And it needs planning. For large enterprises, an integrated custom solution with Mailer is very easy for your IT staff. Don't have an IT staff? Our expert consultants are available to provide you with direct remote assistance integrating your data flow needs. Describe your needs to us. We'll be glad to give you a quote for a custom solution using Mailer.

Web. Email. Inbox. All tied together. Give Mailer a try today.



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