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Subscription and List Management Made Simple.

We host the form. Your website drives the data. Use your email software of choice to send your campaigns. (Of course, we can recommend M5 Mailer for that task!)

A Free Service.  Manage up to 5,000 contacts for free! No ads. No hassle. Upload your own data also.*

Confirmed Opt-In List Management. Option to confirm subscription requests. Or perform your own confirmation using PopMonger or any other email tool. Opt-in newsletter confirmation is hard to manage. Let us do it for you!

Easy and Quick Unsubscribe. Quick link in your email gives subscribers a convenient unsubscribe method, as required by law. Lean on a trusted third party name to manage your list reliably.

Secure Changes. Subscribers must confirm all changes to subscriber information by e-mail.

Styled to Match Your Site. Set a header, footer, and style sheet, or alternatively, just create a blank form and put it in a frame on your own website.

Stats Tracking. You can track View and HTML clickthrough statistics for your mailings no matter what email merge tool you use.

Custom Fields Collect Info you Need. Any number of subscribe options in addition to Subscribed and Unsubscribed. Up to three additional checkboxes or text fields on your signup form.

Reliable, Private, and Flexible. Use Subscriber to manage your subscriptions, but download your database to your own system. Safeguard your list with Mach5's strict Privacy Policy.

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* Purchase 5000 additional contacts for $19.95, which also upgrades you to a paid account for the next year. You can renew your paid account for $19.95 per year, and each renewal also adds 5000 contacts to your account.

Licenses and Credits: M5 Subscriber is owned, developed and maintained by Mach5 Development, LLC. M5 Subscriber uses a modified version of the smtp module from HTMLMimeMail 5 covered under the GNU General Public License v2.

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