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Website Design


This page contains Reference, HTML Guides, and Design sections below.


Comments: A collection of tutorials and tips for beginning and expert website designers. Offbeat and often humorous. A great resource for people of any skill level.

Last time I visited it, I did get a big annoying "shoot the rabid kangaroo" or somesuch ad syndicated from fastclick.com.

Fixing your Website

Comments: An absolutely fabulous site that helps you fix coding errors and design blunders on your website. Read through it, then bookmark it and keep it handy.

About.com Web Design

Comments: A great site for beginners, with some useful information for veterans as well. Well rounded and worth a look.


Comments: A great resource for anyone building a business or vendor website. They have information on all aspects of a web business, from the building of the site to techniques for making a profit.

Netscape Web Developer

Comments: Netscape/AOL/ZDnet's resource for webmasters. Not too terribly biased, it contains some well written articles and is extremely thorough. Recommended, with a caveat about its ownership.


Comments: CNet's collection of web tools and tips. A decent selection of articles, but nothing really that stands out or is a must read. Well designed and easy to navigate.


Comments: A very large collection of links and resources. Not the easiest to navigate, with rather garish (think eyesore) colors, still a good place to go if for no other reason than its vast size. Definitely lives up to its name.


Comments: Techweb's collection of web tools and tips. The many, many ads on each side make reading their articles a pain. Some good info, but easier reading is elsewhere.


Comments: An all around coding and developer's site, has some info on more advanced web programming (mostly Java).


Comments: A collection of more advanced articles and information on web design and programming. Essentially what it says it is, a reference site of information, it's not for beginners.


Comments: A site for the budding web business entrepreneur. More commercially oriented than others, it still has some good free info

Web Developer's Journal

Comments: A site for advanced web programmers. Good articles on several different languages and technologies. Very up to date, and a site worth visiting.

CGI Resources

Comments: A collection of CGI scripts (PERL, PHP and others) for use on your site. Also has links to other site resources.

Starting Webmaster

Comments: A list of links to articles on other sites. Many good links, with extensive categorization and easy navigation. A bit bright on the eyes, though!

Small Business Wizards

Comments: A slightly cheesy site on web marketing. Get out your used car salesman detectors, plug your nose and dive in!



Comments: A beginner's guide to everything webmaster. HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, etc... Cool, simple step-by-step tutorials, with try-it-out-yourself features built directly into the site. Ad-based, but done right: they are not annoying and are even informative.

idocs Guide to HTML

Comments: A beginner's guide to HTML, it gives brief lessons and examples for almost everything you can think of in HTML coding. Good place to start if you're new to the wonderful world of HTML.

HTML Quick Reference

Comments: Quick, and rather dull. Good information...but a better tranquilizer. Go only if you're an insomniac.

HTML Clinic

Comments: "features step-by-step, easy to understand HTML tutorials, with lots of examples you can follow and learn from." Yep, and a good site to visit to learn more about HTML. Easy for beginners, with color coding and "interactive" examples. Lots of pop-up ads, unfortunately.

HTML Tutorial

Comments: Good, but not great. Other sites do it better, with fewer ads and less blinking.

Web Page Design for Designers

Comments: One of my favorite sites. Great information and tips on designing the look of your site. Aimed at people with a design background, its lessons are actually very useful to everyone.

Web Pages that Suck

Comments: Sister page to "Fixing your Website," this is a great site to visit to read about common mistakes, or just get a good laugh. The authors know their stuff and have a great sense of humor.


Comments: Site of Lynda Weinman, prolific author of web design books. Visit this site to order her books, if nothing else. A veritable fount of knowledge for all things webby.

Web Hosting Insider

Comments: Some good articles and resources about web hosting alternatives, web design ethics, advertising, and click fraud detection.

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