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HTML and Web Editing Reference Books

HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, Fifth Edition
by Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press

A tutorial for novices and a reference for experienced users, featuring step-by-step instruction, tips, troubleshooting advice, and a visual approach with screenshots and code examples. Covers page creation, tags, images, links, frames... pretty much everything. It's a great reference with lots of tips and tricks here and there.

Creating Web Pages for Dummies, 6th edition
by Bud E. Smith, Arthur Bebak, Hungry Minds

The updated edition of this best-selling guide provides the essential information a beginning Internet user needs to create personal Web pages with software such as Netscape Composer, which is free, and Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe PageMill, plus new information about how to find free tools, publish a home page quickly, and more.

It's a good solid intro to designing websites that have static (not generated on the fly or database driven) content.



Creative HTML Design, 2nd edition
Lynda Weinman, New Riders Publishing

Step-by-step lesson plan to learning HTML 4 and Web design, walking the reader through building a real working Web site especially created for use with the text. The CD-ROM offers all of the necessary files for the tutorials in the text, and JavaScript rollover code and other useful scripts.

The example site in the book doesn't really shine out as a stellar example of creative web design, but the pieces of the book indivdually give great advice on how a well-designed website should work, and the book will certainly help you through not only the details of web page editing but also overall site planning, design, and layout.

The best overall design oriented title (which offers little in the way of webpage reference) is "Don't Make Me Think" under our design category.


Javascript: A Beginner's Guide 2nd edition
by John Pollock, McGraw Hill, 576 pages.

This fully revised second edition is aimed at the large group of less technical Web authors who know HTML but know nothing about programming. As a simple programming language designed to be used with HTML, JavaScript is the next step in making Web pages more powerful.

This is a great simple introduction to JavaScript with lots of practical examples for how to make your website more dynamic. Each chapter is an independent section, too, which is handy in an introductory book where you just need to find out how to do one particular thing.

Javascript-The Definitive Guide (the rhino book)
David Flanagan,Paula Ferguson, O'Reilly & Associates

This is programmers guide and reference manual providing a complete description of the language, with programming examples, and a reference section covering each function, object, method, property, and event handler.

It's great if you are already familiar with Javascript and want a good, solid reference.

PERL and CGI for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide
Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press

Taking a visual approach, this guide uses ample screen stills to explain the basic components of Perl, and show how to install and customize existing CGI scripts to build interactivity into Web sites.

If you're not a programmer geek head type, want a great intro to Perl, or need to use some Perl scripts or other resources you've dug out of the backwaters of your website, this is the book to get.

If you have a programming background and already know what "CGI" means, get the camel book (below). But then again, you probably already have the camel book, if that's the case.

Programming Perl (the camel book)
Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press

Both this book and its pre-requisite (Learning Perl, Third Edition) are well established and well-used books. They have a light and humorous approach. Perl itself, as a language, is quite esoteric, with a crytpic syntax, so these books appeal to those to whom Perl is suited. If you're a programmer-type, these are the books to buy. If you're not a programmer-type, get the one reviewed above and stick to copying and pasting (and occasionally modifying) other people's scripts.



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