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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis


FastStats Analyzer Screenshots - Click each image for a larger view


Welcome Screen - FastStats Analyzer opens with a helpful page offering a Tutorial, an Overview, and more information on Analyzer's more powerful features.


Project Chooser - Analyzer's main window allows you to create, edit, and copy your individual reports quickly and easily in a clean and simple interface.

Powerful project editor.

Project Editor - A powerful and intuitive display of all project options. Each pane includes helpful descriptions with links to more detailed assistance should you need it.  The main configuration page for each of your reports, FTP Export, CPC scenarios, File Tracking, LogFile Types, and Filters are all handled here.

Report Progress Indicator shows you each stage of the web traffic analysis.

Report Generation Progress Indicator - Dynamically shows each stage of the web traffic analysis, and presents clear diagnostic messages linked to context sensitive help.  You won't have to wait long, but during the progress a useful Analyzer tip may direct you to new capabilities you've yet to explore.

HyperLink TreeView - get an intuitive feel for web traffic behaviour patterns.

HyperLink TreeView (TM) gives you an incredibly intuitive feel for the traffic moving through your site. Web traffic analysis with FastStats can help you recognize problems and patterns of visitor behaviour that are simply not apparent in other report forms! This feature is available only in FastStats Analyzer Regular and Gold.  A static screenshot does not do this feature justice.  Download a trial of FastStats Analyzer to see how a fluid visualization of traffic through your website can help you improve your site design today.

Chart View - sort your data and copy it by line or entire table.

Chart View - Mach5's Chart View allows data to be sorted by each of its values. Each table can be exported to the clipboard by line, or as a whole. All webpages listed are active URL's and will open in your browser simply by clicking.

Graph View - Access your data visually with Bar, Line, Comparative, and Pie Graphs.

Graph View - FastStat Analyzer's Graph View allows data to be quickly reviewed.  Pie, Line, Bar, and Comparative Graphs are all used to make your data more accessible.  This line graph is a representation of the exact same data as shown in the above Chart View.  Toggling between them is as simple as clicking the View button you prefer.

Site Stickiness - Average Visitor Stay Length

Site Stickiness - Analyzer Gold produces information that helps you keep visitors on your site longer and have them coming back. Displayed is the Average Visitor Stay Length, one of more than 12 reports dedicated to informing you of how visitors come and go from your website.

Geographic Location Geographical Location - Analyzer automatically updates it's IP->Country database to provide the most up to date geographic breakdown of your visitors. A simple pie chart makes the data accessible.  Visualization is key to a good understanding of your website usage.   Though, as with all Analyzer's graph's, you may view the data in chart form by simply clicking 'Chart View' on the Main Window.
Web traffic statistics reports can be printed. Convenient Printing. Regular and Gold License users can easily select which report set to print, and then override the report selections on a per-job basis. M5 Analyzer makes an easy job of selecting among the large number of web traffic statistics reports available.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.   60 days! 

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