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FastStats Log Analyzer: Quick and Affordable web site statistics through log file analysis

How can FastStats help me track my CPC revenue?

FastStats Scenario Analysis Overview. This report provides an overview of your ROI campaign and can be used to derive your conversion ratio -- the percentage of visitors who eventually purchase the product.

Done incorrectly, cost per click advertising can be an expensive proposition. Cost-per-click has entered the mainstream, and most desirable keywords can often be quite expensive. The power of Internet advertising is that every click, every visitor, can be tracked from site entry to purchase, and you can direct advertising money towards the search keywords and groups of customers who are bringing you the most revenue.

FastStats allows you to track your conversion rate -- the percentage of search engine visitors who eventually end up purchasing. FastStats gives you hard data that lets you analyze which advertising campaigns are performing, and which advertising campaigns are not performing. You can use this data to direct your advertising money towards your most profitable campaigns and keywords. The key principle of cost-per-click advertising is to spend less to bring in your customers than you are receiving in revenue -- FastStats makes it easy to achieve this goal.

Cost per click search vs. Organic search

Scenario Time Analysis. The blue line tracks the number of visitors per day from this site's Google CPC advertisements. The pink line tracks the number of purchases of the product.

With the explosive popularity of cost per click search, it is often easy to forget about organic search. Organic, or "natural" search -- search traffic that is generated by a high positioning on the search engines -- is often much more profitable than cost-per-click search. FastStats provides reports to:

  • Monitor and quantify organic search traffic
  • Measure the quality of CPC visitors; what percentage of CPC visitors generate revenue, and how does this compare to the percentage of organic search visitors who generate revenue.

Revenue per click

FastStats can help you compute a conversion ratio, which tells you what percentage of visitors from a given source end up purchasing. From the conversion ratio, you can compute average revenue per click, which is a key number in any CPC campaign. FastStats can compute the conversion ratio for a variety of sources -- i.e. for all visitors from Google Adwords, for all visitors who searched for a specific keyword, etc. The conversion ratio is key to determining your average revenue per click, and therefore the profitability of your advertising campaigns.


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