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Announcing Mach5 PopMonger 3.5 ™!

Email List Management and much more.

PopMonger™ 3.5 steps through the email in a POP, IMAP, or MAPI email account, matching each email against a set of rules, and then applies a set of actions. It's quite powerful, and has a number of handy uses.

PopMonger comes in two versions: an affordable Gold version, and a free Regular version. A Gold license builds upon PopMonger Regular with scripting and multiple mailbox support for enterprise level users. A PopMonger3.5 Gold license is included in each sale of Mach5 Mailer Regular and Gold.

Here's a sample of what PopMonger 3.5 can do for you:

  List Management Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Remove, and more all within your mailbox
  Failed Message Parsing Create an automatic list of failed email addresses
  Delete Matching/Duplicate Messages
  Redirect Messages to multiple mailboxes
  Reply to Messages with text from any file (requires a licensed installation of Mach5 Mailer)
  Automate Opt-In Subscription Confirmation Emails (requires a licensed installation of Mach5 Mailer )
  GOLD FEATURE Survey Processing
  GOLD FEATURE Scriptable Actions with VBscript, JScript, or PHP for advanced email content processing.

All of the above examples are further enhanced with PopMonger's powerful features.

  Rule Based Message Matching runs any of the above actions on only the messages you choose by examining subject, body, from-address, to-address, and reply-to-address.
  Multiple Rules with and/or Option pinpoints the exact messages you want
  POP, IMAP, and MAPI (Exchange) Mailbox Support
  GOLD FEATURE Unlimited Mailbox Support manages each and every one of your email inboxes.

You can order PopMonger separately. If you do, you get the ability to script PopMonger and check multiple mailboxes. These are enterprise-level features that go with our Mailer software, which is why we charge for them. You can apply the cost of PopMonger to Mailer if you decide to get Mailer later, but really, we hope the free version meets your needs well.

If you run PopMonger before checking your mail, you can automatically build a list of failed email addresses and list management requests and still be able to respond personally to replies and requests for more information about a mailing you send out. This makes it very convenient for the people you email to reply to you personally, without the headache of sifting thrugh all the failed messages.

Best of all, PopMonger Regular is totally free!

Just download it here. PopMonger doesn't even have any annoying ads or anything. It just pops up a dialog box when it starts that lets you know it's part of the Mach5 Mailer suite of tools. It works with XP and above, and is very small and simple to run. Just download it, set it up with your mailbox information, and go!

PopMonger can work with Mach5 Mailer...
    for the ultimate email-database merge solution!

PopMonger runs through your mailbox and helps with list management. It can build an exclusion list, which is a list of email addresses that you don't want to send to. Mach5 Mailer has powerful built-in support to use an exclusion list when filtering emails to send. You don't even need to update your database! Just let PopMonger manage your exclusion list, and let Mailer check the emails it sends against that list.

PopMonger is very simple! We don't provide support for PopMonger Regular on its own, but PopMonger works as a key component in our award winning Mach5 Mailer email database merge software. Do you need PopMonger? Then you may want to try Mach5 Mailer too!

Give PopMonger a try, on us.      We hope it meets your needs.

Detailed instructions on how to use PopMonger

Some Awards:

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- just $39

Gold 5-pak
- just $99

- free!

60 day
Satisfaction Guarantee!

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