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Mach5 Mailer Email Blast Software

What is email blasting? It's a fairly self-explanatory term - when you send out an email blast, you're sending a large number of letters at the same time, like a strong burst or an explosion. It should therefore come as no surprise that email blasting can be a very powerful marketing tool, when used correctly. With Mach5 Mailer, you can send out email blasts in the way that you want - customized, individual messages directly from your own database.

An email blast can be the ideal way of reaching your business customers or organization members. Email blasting can be used to send out information about the company, special offers, product upgrades and so on. But it doesn't have to stop there. Something that is often overlooked is the fact that email is ideal for building and maintaining good customer relationships - but only if they feel that you really value them and don't take up their time by sending unsolicited spam. Otherwise, your email blast is likely to end up in the trash as soon as it arrives.

This is what makes M5 Mailer the perfect application for sending out email blasts. With M5 Mailer, you have the control you need to honor your customers' preferences. Let your recipients choose what they want to receive from you, and ensure that they never see you as just another spammer. With our email blast software, each email that you send can use the customer's own first name, second name, or whatever you choose. Thanks to the powerful IF statements, you can also make sure that the recipients of your email blast messages only receive information that is relevant to them. Your customers in the US won't need to read about special offers that are only available to people in France, and your European customers won't be bemused by your annual Happy Fourth Of July messages. With our email blast software, you have the power to choose - and so do your customers!

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Blasting, not spamming. We want Mach5 Mailer to used by legitimate businesses for email blasts. If you are interested in sending spam, please use some other software and do not purchase Mach5 Mailer or use any of our services. We actively enforce our anti-spam policy to the point that we may initiate legal action against you if you abuse our software (especially by violating applicable SPAM laws). Read more about our anti-spam policy here.

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