Terms for Mach5 Resellers and Affiliates


This agreement governs resellers and affiliates (you) of Mach5 Development, LLC (we) with respect to the sale, distribution, and marketing of software provided by Mach5 Development (Mach5 software).

Tracking Sales.

Unless other arrangements are made, all licenses will be sold only through BlueSnap, which includes our direct sales and channel partners.

Your account will be credited only with sales resulting from use of your associated coupon code with the order. Sales that do not use your assigned discount code may not be credited.

A refund of an order associated with your account will result in a debit of the associated reseller or affiliate commission from your account.


We reserve the right to withhold payment if we cannot find a page on your site on which a link back to our site appears. The linking page must be free of popups or popunders as well.


Unless other arrangements have been made, Mach5 will provide end-user support to the software we sell. We do not provide any warranties to the software and its functionality and will not be liable for any failure of the software, other than to the extent that a refund for purchase will be issued.

Marketing Constraints.

Mach5 software shall not be marketed on a pop-under or popup ad page. (No annoying ads.)

Promotional material sent out via email shall not be sent to individuals not expecting to receive that email (no spam marketing)

Any banners or promotional content you create must be non-animated or animated with slow motion, transitions, or frame rate not exceeding one frame every 3 seconds. (No annoying ads)

Mach5 software shall not be promoted alongside erotic images, and shall not be promoted alongside offers to sell herbs and drugs, body building products, or health and fitness products. (Brand image protection)

Mach5 software shall not be promoted alongside or in conjunction with the sale of email lists, email spam software, or email harvesting software or strategies.

Claims about the performance, functionality, or usability of Mach5 software shall be factual.

Any violation of the above marketing guidelines associated with your affilaite account will be determined at our sole discretion, and without remedy, and may result in termination of your affilaite participation with no right to receive credit for sales referrals made through any means, whether or not specific referrals are made through the means which we determine violates our marketing guidelines.


We reserve the right to terminate participation in our affiliate and reseller programs at any time and without notice. It is our intention to terminate participation only if we deem that you have marketed our software in an unsuitable way. We reserve the sole right to determine what "unsuitable marketing" means, however, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


You agree to indemnify Mach5 Development, LLC against consequential and inconsequential damages caused by the software, and against any liability for use or misuse of the software. This indemnity shall extend to both you and to customers that purchase Mach5 software through your promotional activities.


The agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Tennessee, United States. Any disputes shall be settled by Arbitration as defined under the laws of the State of Tennessee.


All Mach5 products come with lifetime customer support and our 60 day money - back guarantee.